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Innovation is the target of the management of Kshitij Innovations since its inception from 1996.

Forging ahead with the aim of doing & achieving something different with innovation, we have traveled a long distance & still traveling with an endeavor for perfection to reach KSHITIJ i.e. the horizon.

Today with our tireless efforts, KSHITIJ is a well known name in the field of Scientific lab equipments.

We here by present our catalog in your prestigious hands. Through this catalog, we bring to you host of information on PRODUCTS & INSTRUMENTS manufactured by us. We have provided the salient features, technical details and specifications of all the products in a very cogent and lucid language. We are hopeful that these details will enable you to identify the products / instruments satisfying your requirements.

We believe that this catalog of ours will be a valuable reference guide for your requirements on laboratory equipments range of products of KSHITIJ INNOVATIONS.

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