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BM-I Binocular observation head inclined at 45° of the horizontal at 360°. Assembled from IMPORTED PRISMS to ensure highly accurate colimation for strainfree observation. Adjustable interpupillary and dioptic distance. Heavy duty quadruple revolving nosepiece with clickstop.Fitted with co-axial mechanical stage. Built in base HALOGEN illumination system 6V-20W lamp. Electronic system for variable light stepless control. Also provided with piano concave reflecting mirror attachment for day-light use.

Optics :      Only best quality objectives and Eyepieces are supplied to  provide finest performance. These are PARAFOCALISED   and                  PERCENTERED with microscope after the most strignet test.

BM-l(a)    Supplied with optics.

                  Eyepiece: H 10x (Paired) & H 5x (Paired)

                  Objectives: 5x,10x,45x,100x (Spr ing loaded)

BM-l(b)     Supplied with optics but 100x imported oil immersion assembled by us.

                  Eyepieces: H 10x (Paired) & H5x (Paired)

                 Objectives: 5x,10x,45x,100x (Spr ing loaded)

BM-l(c)    Supplied with all IMPORTED DIN Standard optics assembled by us as under.

                 Eyepiece: 10X W.F. (Paired) & H5X (Paired)

                 Objectives: 10x,45x,100x (Spring loaded)

BM-l(d)   Supplied with all IMPORTED JAPANESE make objectives.

                 Eyepiece: 10X W.F.(Paired) H5x(Paired)

                 Objectives: 10x,45x,100x (Spring loaded)

Supplied in THERMOCOLE BOX in wooden-cabinet with instruction manual.

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